Weather Policy

TriSA has a hot weather policy to assist the Race Director make decisions when it comes to extreme conditions.

The Race Director and the Triathlon Australia official would only cancel the event under the most extreme conditions using the hot weather policy guidelines.

Gatti Sports have only experienced two events in its history of extreme conditions requiring the implementing of a weather policy.

On one occasion we had torrential rain and road works on Military Road making it impossible to guarantee a safe bike course, Triathlon Technical and the Race Director in consultation agreed to cancelled this event

The only other event with extreme conditions was of high temperature, 35deg. and a hot Northerly wind, with correct management the event went ahead.

Extra precautions are taken by the Race Director to ensure the event goes ahead but also keeping in mind the safety of competitors and volunteers. In the event of hot weather extra of everything including, water sprays, extra drinking water, extra sport drinks and extra shade will be provided as well as the consideration to shortening the event distances to ensure the event is not a total failure for all.

Competitors & parents must also be responsible to make their own decision on whether to compete or not. If they choose to compete they must extra hydrate leading up to, during and after the event.

Competitors must also consider their own health on whether to race or just finish. Slowing down the pace, keeping cool and drinking plenty of fluids during the day may also help their bodies handle the heat stress in extreme weather.

When very high temperatures are forecast, history has shown that the temperature gradually rises during the morning to midday and reaches its peak by early afternoon.

The events are normally over by late morning avoiding the high to extreme temperatures.